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Create up to 100 wallets

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Smart Payments

  • Create up to 100 wallets for setting up split payment rules
  • Receive payments from any method with our payment gateway
  • Transfer money through ACH for cash payouts
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Smart Payments

  • Create up to 100 wallets for setting up split payment rules
  • Receive payments from any method with our payment gateway
  • Transfer money through ACH for cash payouts
  • Get a company MasterCard to make payments online or in person
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Fintech accessible to your hands like never before. Our bespoke solution offers the complete range of services and features that will take your business to the next level

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E-Wallet is a digital account in which users can store their money for any future transaction. An E-wallet is protected and allows a user to make or receive payments.

Enable the distribution of split amounts within different accounts, for example, charging a fee for the use of your platform while managing a transaction between two parties. You can also consolidate payments of different vendors in one single transaction. It is possible to split payments based on percentage, a fixed amount or a combination of both.

Solutions that enable money to be retained in custody or deposit until correctly completed a pre-established logic that has been agreed upon at the moment of origin of the transaction. In an escrow service, the payment does not come directly from peer to peer, instead it is executed through a third party. This third party holds and guards the amount to be delivered to the recipient when the agreed upon conditions are met.

These are instant transactions and transfers between users within your platform. These exchanges can be done from your app or user interface either in desktop or mobile.

This solution fixes complex processes and reduces fixed costs in your company by using technology to automate accounting processes from invoicing to bank reconciliation.

Enable payments through QR codes to facilitate transfer of transaction data, this way you can accelerate and improve invoice payment options for clients.

Deploying debit and prepaid cards enable access to paying bills within any payment gateway or POS using a MasterCard either with money that has been directly transferred into the card or, with a debit card, by connecting the card with a wallet as a means to use the account’s funds for such payments.

Facilitate payment transactions from your user by being able to charge them directly from your app, website or any user interface you are providing. Our payment gateway currently accepts Visa and MasterCard transactions.

Let customers pay by credit and debit card through a secure link. Send payment link invoices by email or text, and reduce time chasing customers.

Use near-field communication (NFC) technology to exchange data between readers and payment devices and software in smartphones and smartwatches, or tap-to-pay credit and debit cards.

Tokenize customer card info and other information to set up recurring payments.

Implement painless, end-to-end Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering processes to become compliant with local regulations wherever you operate, without hurting user experience.

Receive or execute bank transfers from your wallets to third party bank accounts.

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